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Game Production AG

O Introducing GP Game Production Inc
Game Production Inc. has created a refreshing and novel concept to fuse exciting top brands and with mobile gaming, adventure entertainment and television. The concept delivers high entertainment value to consumers and generates sustainable business ventures for its partners, who will be part of the very first Game that takes a mobile game player and transforms him/her into a TV celebrity. People are intentional beings, always aspiring, always ready for action. Everyone has dreams and those with little to lose are the most likely to take action when one’s dream is at stake. Dare to Dream TV-show wants to persuade people to believe in themselves and their abilities, no matter what their background might be. But, wishes and hopes have never fulfilled anyone’s dreams; we all have to work hard, acquire knowledge, learn new skills, and above all else believe. Believe in oneself and the fulfillment of their dreams. The TV show will take place in Dubai that is a living example of our theme: “Dare to dream”. This new star will drive home in a brand new supercar � a Lamborghini Huracan!
By partnering�
Exciting Brands
our Partners Lamborghini, Rovio, DubaiOne TV, DMI and MEMS are all specialists in creating and delivering desires, dreams and passions.

we develop�
Brand Fusion
this concept enables our local partners to be seen alongside our global partners in our marketing campaigns whether it be print, radio, billboards, TV, online or social media or combinations of the same.

to provide�
we create simple but exciting adventure games that challenge the imagination. Games such as �Where is my Lamborghini?� give players the fun and excitement of playing while being rewarded at all levels of the Game. The best of the best will have the possibility to win their very own supercar � a Lamborghini Huracan � after competing in the multi-episode primetime TV format Game Show and the first ever WML TV Show will be broadcast to 360M viewers.

by using�
Mobile Technology
our application uses the HERE maps for Smartphones Applications for WP, Android and iOS phones.

to move people to our partners��
the Game�s tens of thousands of daily winners (who need to be registered in the Game - �License to Win� - to claim their reward) are directed via their phones to our local partners� stores or other points of purchase to collect their rewards. This additional volume of customers visiting the stores gives the opportunity for our partners to generate additional sales opportunities and to create a solid customer base with a lifetime value.

This unique feature makes us different from other games. So does the fact that some skillful gamers will have celebrity status in our TV Game program with one driving off in his/her very own supercar � a Lamborghini Huracan!

GP Game Production Inc. is the sole developer and owner of the unique Game �Where�s my Lamborghini?� and Dare-To-Dream TV format.
Stay tuned for the Launch of WIML in October 2016 !!!